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Pre-order - Sharpfinger Pikal

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NOTE: This is a PREORDER. Knives are not ready to ship!

These are a package I started offering last year. I take a Schrade Sharpfinger and turn it into a Sharpfinger Pikal by performing the following modifications:

- Remove handles
- Reshape tip
- Grind spine
- Acid etch
- Stonewash
- Sharpen both edges
- Wrap handle in your choice of color combo
- Seal cord wrap with resin
- Build and fit new custom sheath with your choice of soft loop or overhook

The tip of the knife is reshaped and 'raised' to have less of a hook at the end...this allows for much better tip alignment and better accuracy on the thrust. The rear edge still retains its concave profile.

The cord wrap provides an extremely grippy handle while being very thin, excellent for a knife that will be carried daily underneath clothing.

When you receive your knife, it will be SHARP. Also note that the tip will be like a needle; this is not a knife that will withstand prying and similar abuse. Look at the profile; it is thin and pokey. Please take great care when handling the knife.

When you choose an underlay and wrap color, please bear in mind that the cord will darken slightly once it is sealed with resin. Underlays can be black or gray, cord can be black, gray, burgundy, olive drab, forest green, or navy.

The sheath can be fitted with an overhook for IWB carry or a pull-the-dot loop for centerline carry on the outside of the belt.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to constraints with my cart service; you MUST include in the order comments which underlay/cord combo you would like, as well as the desired belt attachment. If you'd like a burgundy wrap over black underlay, with a pull-the-dot loop, you can simply say: "burgundy over black, loop."

Finally, these knives are not ready to ship, as this is a PREORDER! I'll be completing these as a batch, so please be patient, as I'm a one man shop! I'm expecting a 6 week build time.

If you'd like a trainer, be sure to hop over to this page: http://zulubravokydex.bigcartel.com/product/sharpfinger-pikal-trainer

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