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Image of Obscure series EDC Dagger

Obscure series EDC Dagger

$120.00 - Coming soon

The Obscure series is our line of G10 knives. G10 is a composite material; specifically, it is a fiberglass laminate. G10 is commonly used for knife scales and firearm grips, but its strength, toughness, and light weight mean it is well suited for use in nonmetallic tools as well.

The Obscure series all have actual cutting edges and grinds. While G10 does not have the durability or edge holding of a metal knife, it is quite durable and the edges WILL cut easily, so be careful! Penetration and cutting tests can be found on our Instagram and Facebook pages. We are proud to offer free sharpening on any of the Obscure series, customer just pays for shipping.

Each model in the Obscure series is 100% nonmetallic with no metal parts used in the knife or sheath. All are made from .250" thick G10 and are quite sturdy. Please understand that the work performed on each knife is done by hand, and thus the measurements below are approximations, and there may be small variations from knife-to-knife.

For our international customers, please reference https://www.zulubravokydex.com/shipping.

The EDC dagger is double edged with textured handle edges. The knife is approximately 6.75" overall with a 3" blade.

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