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Image of 1911 A/IWB holster

1911 A/IWB holster

$95.00 - $115.00 - Sold out

This is our IWB holster for 1911 pistols. It works well for both IWB and AIWB carry, and has been shaped for a minimal footprint with smooth edges and zero points or hot spots. This holster features a full sweatguard that will accommodate most slide releases and thumb safeties. The sweatguard also fully captures the safety, preventing it from being easily disengaged during carry.

Currently available for nonrailed 5" models. We recommend this length holster even if carrying a Commander length pistol, as the extended length will provide improved stability and comfort.

Comes with dual loops, which work well for IWB and AIWB carry. For 3:00-4:00 carry, the loops will be offset and angled to allow the pistol to be carried at a forward cant. For appendix carry, a straight drop or slight negative cant works best. The loops allow for experimentation with different ride heights and cant. If ordered as a AIWB model, holster will feature a claw to tuck the grip into the body for enhanced concealment. Currently available for right hand only.

Your holster will be built to order. Please allow three weeks for completion.

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